Why Hire AAC Disco’s and Karaoke?

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19th June 2018
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Why Hire AAC Disco’s and Karaoke?

AAC discos and karaoke

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AAC is a disco, karaoke and DJ hire company, meaning we provide all the essentials you need for an unforgettable party, as we aspire to assure each event is one worth experiencing.

We provide everything you need to satisfy your guests such as; DJ hire, karaoke, disco lights/strobes, photo booths and magic mirrors. Over the past few years photo booths and magic mirrors have become increasingly more popular, so why don’t you see what all the hype is about today!

We have a team of highly motivated staff, to ensure that your event runs smoothly as every event is unique and that is why we cater for every kind of party and ensure that everyone of your guests remain on the dance floor.

At AAC disco’s and karaoke we offer a wide range of services such as weddings, entertainments hire, photo booth’s, magic mirrors, karaoke hire, birthdays, children’s birthdays, anniversaries and additional services.

How to reduce stress when planning an event?

Endlessly each year the job role of an event planner is listed in the top ten most stressful jobs and to no amazement. There are various factors, demands and unpredictable obstacles within event planning and along with what could actually go wrong on the night, to relief your self from some of that stress with AAC discos and Karaoke as we can plan some of the nights events for you, you can relax knowing all your guests are being entertained with us, while you deal with the minor distractions.

Whether you’re looking to plan a big wedding or organise a small party, there ae some simple things you need to guarantee a tremendous night;

Venue, does the venue you have chosen for your event carry out the message you want it to? Does it represent the character your throwing the event for or if the event is for you does the venue represent yourself? Should your venue be big and absurd, or should it be small and out of the ordinary? Concluding the venue shouldn’t be too big as that will make it harder to carry out an atmosphere, ultimately the venue shouldn’t be too small as then it will feel cluttered and messy.

Décor, make your chosen space unique with lighting and decorations as you may not think its important at the time, but that is what makes an event standout and most of all it is what the rest of the world will be viewing on Facebook and Instagram, so make it something you can be proud of. One tip from AAC disco’s and karaoke hire is to make sure your entertainment set up is exactly how you’d like it as the entertainment set up can generate the atmosphere and get your guests in the spirt.

Entertainment, this is imperative to a party as at any event to assure your guests are entertained and enjoying their night. When choosing entertainment, you need a DJ or band that you can connect with, who is professional and approachable and knows how to play the crowd. Think about what you wish to gain from the party, is it a celebration? Is it a similar crowd or will the music choice need to be varied? Is it a fundraiser? For each of these events the entertainment is crucial.

Catering, when catering for an event that consists of drinking, we suggest a late-night light bite for your guests. But what about in-between? We’d suggest festive treats such as candy, popcorn or candy floss as this will keep your guests going threw out the night.


Activities threw out the night, this is something people usually miss out. Give your event some flare and look to prepare activates for your guests. Not all your guests are going to want to stay on the dance floor all night so make sure you contemplate some retro games, magicians, photobooths, magic mirrors and lastly possibly fireworks or lantern releasing at the end of the night.

Why choose Us?

  • First class customer service
  • Professional DJ hire
  • Seamlessly mixed music to keep your guests on the dance floor
  • Our staff come smartly presented
  • Friendly and accommodating

If You have an event in Reading, Southampton or Portsmouth then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us