Birthdays, Anniversaries and Additional Services

DJ Hire and Entertainment for all Occasions

AAC Disc and Karaoke offer DJ hire and entertainment for all occasions in Alton and the general Hampshire area. These include, but are not limited to, birthday parties, anniversaries, military functions and registered charity events. We have a choice of two setups to suit the size of your venue.

Standard Entertainment Setup


Large Entertainment Setup


At AAC disco and karaoke we cover many different types of functions from birthdays parties to charity events. We pride ourselves at being able to deliver to you a really great night’s entertainment, combined with an exceptional customer service.

Birthday DJ and Entertainment Hire

We cover many different types of birthday parties and we have a choice of setups depending on budget and size of the venue. When it comes to birthday parties we have covered most age ranges. The youngest birthday party we have done was a Disney themed party for a 1 year old. The oldest birthday party we have done was for a lady who reached the ripe old age of 101 and she wanted songs from the war years. We have covered all ages in between and can offer specific music tailored to your occasion. Some examples: 80’s themed 40th. Birthday A neon party for a 10 year old where we hired in extra black lights A Greatest Showman themed party for a 7 year old Basically, we try our hardest provide to you anything you can think of, that is within our powers to do so. We also have a large knowledge of local and national suppliers that can help to make your party as bespoke as your imagination and budget allows.

Anniversaries DJ and Entertainment Hire

We have also done many wedding anniversaries. These often involve speeches and we always have a wireless microphone plugged in so that you can speak to your guest without the need to raise your voice. Similar to both weddings and birthday parties we try to liaise with you so that you function runs as seamlessly as possible. We always try to be as casual as possible when it comes to things like cutting the cake. We do this so it looks as natural as possible.

Military Function DJ and Entertainment Hire

AAC Disco and Karaoke have done many military functions. Karaoke nights are very popular and so are our disco nights. Whether you are organising a formal dinner or a party for one of the military sporting clubs, we can help you provide great musical entertainment or even a Photo Booth or Magic Mirror for the event you are organising. For obvious reasons social media will only be published with written consent because of recent data protection legislation and your digression is assured as with all of our private functions.

Charity Functions

Over the years we have helped many charities raise many thousands of pounds. Certainly in 2017 alone, we provided entertainment to charities that rose over £20,000 after costs. We firmly believe that for us, it is better to give up a little time rather than give a regular donation to one charity. With this in mind we do ask for the charity to be registered but in addition, we will sometimes help causes that we consider to be very beneficial to society, that are not a registered charity. It really depends on who the beneficiaries are and how busy we are likely to be given the time of year. Quite often when it comes to charity nights it means working with a number of different acts and there are often a lot of different things going on throughout the event. We are happy to do this and for you to use our PA to that endeavor. If you need a microphone for calling the raffle and making speeches that is also no problem. When we help at charity function we hope to enable the charity to collect a very reasonable sum to help the good cause. Charities and good causes we have helped in the past include: Help the homeless Hillingdon Cardiac Rehab Dare to Bare Supporting families with children in Great Ormond Street What we look for when it comes to charity functions is either working directly for a registered charity or a good cause that has a very positive impact on society.

Our Commitment To You

Our commitment to service The customer service element of what we offer is what we consider to be our greatest selling point and the reason why we have developed many return customers over the years. Obviously the music, lighting and presentation is of great importance but this needs to be back up with great customer service and our dedication to service really stems from other areas of our working life. Clare has been a Waitrose partner for number years now and as part of John Lewis, customer service has always expected to be first class. Tony also contracted to Waitrose as a driver and has spent many years supplying his driving services to specialist transport companies that supply transport to the entertainment industry. Over this time he has worked with many household names and on some of the largest live events throughout Europe. Needless to say, the entertainment industry expects incredibly high customer service standards and this is what we aim to bring to your party. When wishing to book a party DJ, Photo Booth or Magic Mirror this process obviously starts with the first enquiry. Really you have a choice of whether you wish to click on the link to phone Tony directly or to contact us via our website booking system. We can also be contacted on all social media and in particular, we have a very active Facebook page where you can view Clare’s photos after your event, if permission is given to take them. From the first point of contact upto the days following the event we are available to discuss your party. We understand that things sometimes change and we try to be as accommodating as possible. Sometimes we will need to contact the venue before the event itself and we certainly are in regular contact with all the local venues to Alton, where we are based. One of the most important aspects of event planning is communication and this is why Clare takes all of the bookings. All of the details from the location to the time we start setting up, Clare will ask you about. This is always done in writing so we all know what has been agreed. The important point here is that Clare is your main point of contact. Having one main point of contact is the essential thing. It removes nearly all possibility of confusion. We do get bookings sometime over a year in advance and because of this Clare will contact some of our future bookings occasionally. We certainly contact everyone within a few weeks prior to your event. This is done so that you have a chance to finalise everything prior to your function. Clients that book a long time into the future can also get information on our latest services and make last minute changes. We can pretty much change most things given a reasonable amount of notice. We do try to be as accommodating as possible, but obviously we cannot change things too much after we are on the way to the venue. A good example is being asked to do karaoke halfway through the party. The problem here that we only carry the main pieces of equipment for what you have ordered. Honestly, we never bring a TV screen, the extra microphones or mixer unless karaoke is ordered in advance. In the same way, we only load a Photo Booth if one is ordered.

Booking Conformations and Cancellations

To confirm a booking with AAC Disco and Karaoke we ask you to pay a non-refundable £50 deposit. This can be made securely on our website via PayPal but we do ask if you can to let us know in a written message after you have made the payment. The following balance is due, in full, either before the event online or in cash on the night. If you wish to a make payment or multiple before the event, via PayPal, this also is completely possible. Again we ask you to message us in writing to ensure we update your records. This is just to avoid any confusion. We have been involved in some amazing private functions. If you would like to have a see what our customers think of what we do please check out our feedback page.

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